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Hi,  my name is Leena, just another person who enjoy travelling so much. I never thought of having my own travel blog until one of my friend told me that i should share my travel experience especially my backpack trip to other travellers out there. So finally year 2012 i have started my travel blog but i realised it is not an easy thing. so ever since then i salute all the blogger! Thanks for sharing your information with us. 

I always plan my own travel itenary as i prefer to travel freely that is why i hardly take up those tour packages. Due to budget constraint, i choose to backpack most of the time. I enjoy staying at those guest house as there is where i will get to meet different travellers and sharing travelling experiences together. But there are times i do want to pamper myself and stay in a better hotel or resorts.So my blog will be a mixture of different type of travelling experience and stay. Hope this blog will help anyone out there to plan their own travel plan too. 

There is always room for improvement. So if you think there is something that i should share here or improve here on my blog, please do let me know. I will be happy to hear that. I know one of the things i should improve is my English. I tend to have grammar problem. so I do hope you don't mind about that. :P 

Best Regards,
email : see.leena@gmail.com

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