Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cameron Highlands 2012 : 2 days 1 Night Trip

Cameron Highlands is one of the main tourist attraction for those who would like to enjoy the fresh and cooling air breeze and enjoy the beautiful highlands scenery. The last time i travelled to Cameron Highlands was 2 years ago with my family. This round i went with my bunch of crazy and funny friends mixture of Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino.

We depart from Kuala Lumpur early morning around 8am. Driving along North South highway heading up North. We stopped at Tapah rest area for a short toilet break after about 2 hours drive. Many travellers like to stop here to buy the famous local fruits - seedless Guava and Rose Apple ( Jambu Air in Malay). There's quite a number of stores that sell only these 2 types of fruits at the Tapah rest area. The price is reasonable. So we bought some and enjoy it before continuing our journey to Cameron Highlands.We heading up to Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai tol as the road is not so winding.

 We rented an 3 rooms apartment in the area between Tanah Rata and Brinchang called Desa Antharium for RM220 per night. Not bad but the only thing is we need to do some workout as the unit we rented is at 4th floor with no lift. :P

Desa Antharium Apartment, Cameron Highlands
After checked in to our apartment, we just give ourselves a short break, hanging out in the apartment before heading to Brinchang for our lunch. At Brinchang, there are quite a number of restaurants to choose. We just simply picked one as we were kinda hungry already. We ordered fried oyster mushrooms, stir fried paku plant and a omelette. 3 dishes shared by 5 of us. Not really many dishes as we want to reserve some space in our tummy for other foodies. :P Total cost per pax for this meal was about RM10 (with Chinese tea served).

Lunch at Brinchang

Near the place we had our lunch, we saw this handicraft store. We just went in to have a look. They sell local handmade souvenir items, t-shirts and some decorative items. no photography is allowed in there so i can only take a picture from the outside. 

Our next mission is to visit the Sg. Palas BOH Tea Centre. Very beautiful landscape. Many people just love to come here order a pot of tea sitting in the cafe, chit chat and enjoy the beauty of this place.It also has a tea shop where you can purchase all sorts of tea. When you walk further down, you will get to visit their visitors centre. Here they showcase all the equipment and tools used to process tea leaves. It also has a video room where you can watch the documentary of the history of BOH and its tea leaves process.

Sg, Palas BOH Tea Centre

Along the way heading down to Brinchang town, we stopped by at Cactus Point checking out the plants they are selling there - mostly cactus and they are really "adorable". :)  Before we heading for dinner, we decided to drop by Smoke House just to check out the place. Smoke House with the feel of British colonial style ambience is a hotel and restaurant. If you love such environment no harm to have a cup of tea and scones just to give own self a break.

Cactus Point
Cactus Point

Smoke House
What to have for dinner in Cameron Highlands? In such a cooling place, of course steamboat is the choice to go!! There are many steamboat restaurant around Brinchang town and the price is reasonable. You can enjoy a steamboat meal for less than RM20 per pax. After our meal we went to the night market have a walk and checkout what they sell. just before we want to leave the place, we passed by this cafe called Strawberry Moment. We were so tempted with their dessert and decided to order some to try. I love the Opera Cake, it is so delicious. Their Strawberry salad also yummy too if you are looking for something light. The next time I come here I think I would want to try the chocolate fondue.  

Steamboat - our dinner
Our Dessert Moment at Strawberry Moment Cafe
The 2nd Day after our breakfast in a mamak restaurant at Tanah Rata, we heading up hill again to Tringkap to visit Rose Valley. The entrance ticket is RM5, quite a reasonable fee. This is a huge garden where they plant a lot of roses and other type of flora. We took a lot of pictures because the place is just so colourful. Outside the Rose Valley entrance, there are some stall selling souvenirs, vegetables, and finger food. We saw a stall selling steam tapioca and it just look so good, we cannot resist and bought some to try.

Rose Valley

Rose Valley
The one thing that i always want to try is the scones in Cameron Highlands. We went to Raju's Hill which is just across Equatorial Hotel. They are one of the places in Cameron Highlands that serves good scones. Without looking at the menu, straight i already order the scones set. The set comes with 2 scones and tea.

Well after enjoying our morning tea break, its time to heading down back to KL. We stopped by 2 places taking some pictures before continue our journey back to KL - Cameron Valley and Lata Iskandar waterfall.  Cameron Valley is another tea plantation. Another place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tea plantation. Lata Iskandar waterfall is one of the famous waterfall when you use Tapah way to go or leave Cameron Highlands. Overall the trip was a relaxing one, the most importantly is I get to enjoy the fun moment with my friends. I will be travelling to Cameron Highlands again in October but this round will be with my family. stay tuned with my updates! :)

Delicious Scones set at Raju's Hill 

Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

Lata Iskandar Waterfall