Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day Trip to Sekinchan

Sekinchan is a small little town located in Selangor State, Malaysia. It is famous with its beautiful paddy fields (one of the main rice supplies in Malaysia) and it is also a fishing village. So many people like to travel to Sekinchan to buy freshly catch seafood.

My friends and i planned a day trip just to visit this little town during one of the holiday. It is about 1.5 hours journey from Petaling Jaya, passing by Sungei Buloh, head on LATAR highway and all the way to Tanjung Karang before reaching Sekinchan. It is not difficult to find this place. Just follow the Kuala Selangor sign and you will not miss it. 

Our first destination is to visit the paddy field. well us who didnt really do much homework, only realised that the paddy field is not as green as we expected. Because now is the planting season, all the paddy is still just a tiny little plant there. So for those who really wish to visit the green paddy fields, the best time to visit is March and September. The Harvest season is on June and December where the paddy fields are golden yellow colour. To have more details on the best time to visit Sekinchan, do visit this link

For us , since we were already there so we still enjoy ourselves snapping a lot of pictures of the not so green paddy fields scenery. ^_^

Sekinchan Paddy Field Scene in January
Next, we want to do some shopping before heading for our late lunch. They sell seafood, dry food, snacks and of course not forgetting Sekinchan rice.

This is the place where we did our shopping.
After shopping we asked the shop worker where we can have a  nice seafood lunch. He recommended a restaurant called Ko Hua just opposite their place. We actually listen to his recommendation and give it a try. Unfortunately the food wasn't as good as what we expected. Not highly recommended by me that's for sure.
Our Lunch

This is the restaurant but not as good as we expected.
After Lunch, we went to their famous beach - Redang Beach just to relax and chill out. The beach is not fantastic. Not meant for swimming but it is for sure a good place to take nice picture.

 Not far from the beach you can see a lot of fishing boat.s Another interesting scenery for photographer. Some locals also will do some fishing too.

Bagan Sekinchan - Fishing Village
Bagan Sekinchan - Fishing Village
We left the place around evening 6:30pm. On our journey back to Petaling Jaya before reaching LATAR highway, we saw this interesting stall - A Cendol Bakar Drive Thru stall. You can actually drive thru to buy their Cendol. Interesting! I will always thought only fast food chain with have drive thru concept. ^_^

I do enjoy myself for this short trip though I didn't manage to see the green paddy fields. But it will be a good reason for me to return and pay a visit to Sekinchan again. For those who just want to leave the city and have a relaxing trip. Personally, I think Sekinchan is one of the good place you can consider. 

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