Sunday, August 11, 2013

4 Days 3 Nights Holiday To Phuket, Thailand - Day 01

It was a short trip with 5 of my buddy friends to Phuket. It was a short getaway just giving ourselves a break and enjoy the nice sea breeze. We were there during the Hari Raya Week in August. We were slightly unfortunate on the first day as it was raining from the time we step down to Phuket till late night.
So ended up we have to carry the umbrella and walking around.

Below was just our impromptu travel plan while we were in Phuket :
Day 01 - 

  • Arrived Phuket around 2pm via MAS
  • Check in to Burasari Resort, Patong Beach
  • Walking around Patong Beach.
  • Dinner nearby Bangla Road
  • Shopping at Junceylon
Burasari Resort, Patong, Phuket
While we were walking along the street at Patong Beach, we saw a mobile hawker selling noodle soup. We saw some local bought it and it looks quite delicious, we decided to buy 2 bowls just to give it a trip. IT ended up indeed very yummy and it cost 50baht only. 

Yummy Food Street
The Noodle soup has build up our appetite and we decided to look for a place to have our first dinner in Phuket. We walked along Bangla Road and we found a small little road that has quite a number of food stall. We walked till the end and saw this Chiang Rai Seafood stall and decided to have our meal there. The food are good and with reasonable price. We ordered 6 dishes+ steamed rice + 2 coconut drinks + 2 large bottle of Singha Beer + 1 Gin Soda. Total damage was 1500baht and we are happy with it. 

After our yummy dinner, we continue to walk around. As it was still drizzling, we head on to Jungceylon for our first round of shopping.

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