Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chiang Mai - March 2012 : Day 03

On the 3rd Day, we bought a 1 day tour to Chiang Rai from our guest house. The entire journey begin from morning 7:30am and will expected to end at 8pm. Quite a long hours trip but worth it.

We wait for the tour guide to pick us up from the guest house and our journey begin. It was about 3 hours journey from Chiang Mai City. Our first destination is the Chiang Rai Hot Spring. You will see the tourist and local will buy the quill eggs and boiled them at the hot spring. 

Chiang Rai Hot Spring

Tourist/ Locals boiling quill eggs at the hot spring
Our Next destination is to Wat Rong Khun a.k.a The White Temple. This temple is painted in white and with some mirror glass decorated against the wall and all the sculptures around the temple's surroundings. Very interesting temple, a must visit temple if you want to visit Chiang Rai. Their toilet also very impressive. The toilet building is painted entirely in Gold. It look so awesome and i never thought it is a toilet.

Wat Rong Khun - The White Temple

Wat Rong Khun , The White Temple's Surroudings. The Gold Building is what i am refering to - The toilet! :P
Next, We were heading to the Golden Triangle. This is the meeting point of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. This area is used to be the opium producing area. Thailand where we were stepping in, we can see Laos on the opposite side and Myanmar on the left side. We paid 20THB to take the boat crossing to Laos.

Golden Triangle

Taking the boat ride along Mekong River and crossing to Don Sao , Laos

The small little island there is called "The No Name Land" right in the centre of Mekong River. This is the place where opium business was operated long time ago

Don Sao, Laos - The other side of Golden Triangle

You just need to pay 20THB to get a visiting pass to Don Sao, Laos.

Our lunch is a thai cuisine buffet style. The food was alright not so fantastic, but i am more eager to look forward our next destination - Mae Sai City - the border between Thailand and Myanmar. This is also the most northern tip of Thailand. Here you get to visit a market where a lot of Myanmar jade selling here. I didnt really buy anything. Basically just walk around and check out this place. Anyway we were only have 30 mins in Mae Sai.

Mae Sai City - The Border between Thailand and Myanmar. It is also the Northern Most of Thailand

Before heading back to Chiang Mai, Our last destination for this tour is to Karen tribe village. This is where you will get to visit the long neck tribe who are came from Myanmar. They have been staying here in Northern Thailand for decades, however they have yet to get the Thai citizenship. Apart of Karen tribe you will get to see the "big ear" tribe where they wear big earring as their accessories. 

Karen Tribe Village

Karen Tribe

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