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Backpack to Myanmar - May 2012 : Yangon

Myanmar , a country that i am not familiar of. I still remember when i got the cheap flight to Yangon via Air Asia, I was a bit stunned and thinking how is my travel plan should be. Not many backpack info i could find that time but luckily at least there are some handful and good ones i can refer to. Thank god! :P And i am going to be exploring Myanmar for 13 days! excited and worried too... really a mixed feelings. 

Unlike other South East Asia, this is the only country that Malaysian still need to apply a visa to enter the country from Myanmar Embassy. The visa application takes approximately 5 days to get it done and it cost about RM80.00. As i am a lazy bum, i actually paid additional RM30.00 to get the travel agency nearby my office to get it done for me. :P

Another headache part before entering Myanmar is getting the BRAND new US Dollar notes. I read a lot about them being very particular about the money. The notes must not be folded, stained  and not even a little dot appear on the cash note. Never in my life that i have to check all the cash money i am bringing piece by piece just to ensure it is really BRAND NEW! *headache*

In my travel plan, the first destination will be Yangon since that is the first city i will be landing in Myanmar. Right after will be Bagan, Inle Lake and lastly Mandalay. 

In Yangon, the must visit place is the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is the biggest pagoda in Yangon and i was so fascinated with the architecture. The entrance ticket is USD5 for one whole day. This mean you can exit the temple and enter the it again within the same day. I actually went 2 times, one in the morning to look at the view during the day and second time in late evening to have a glance of the night view. Make sure you are wearing proper attire to enter all the pagodas in Myanmar. 

That's me at Shwedagon Pagoda. It was cloudy when i was there. 
Shwedagon - the surrouding
 As i was there the day before the Wesak Day, the biggest festival for Buddhist. I saw a lot of locals still doing their prayers and offering. Impressive!
The prayer's offering

The monks

Shwedagon - the surrouding

Saw this cute statue . Cannot resist and took a picture with HIM. ^_^
Shwedagon - the surrouding
Shwedagon - the surrouding

Shwedagon Pagoda - Night View

Apart from the pagodas, just spend some time walking around Yangon city checking out the place and the lifestyle of Yangon during the days. I get to find quite a number of interesting things to see. Pictures below will tell you all what i saw. :)

Paying a USD1 taking a ride on Circular train from their train station at platform 7 is also a nice way to checkout the surrounding of Yangon. But this will take you 3 hours to complete the ride as it really goes around Yangon and return back to Yangon main train station where your journey begin.

One of the Street near City Hall in Yangon City

There is a street that selling a lot of second hand books. 

Their Public Phone
Passed by on of the church near Aung San Market

Passed by on of the church near Bayoke Aung San Market
Entrance of Bayoke Aung San Market

Shopping at Aung San Market

Street View - Transportation you may see 

Some interesting street food

Street food
Yangon Train Station where you can take the Circular Train ride.

This is how the interior of the train looks like.

Circular Train is at Platform 7

Along the train ride - you will pass by the car junkyard 

The locals selling quill egg in the train to the passengers
Circular Train will pass by some market that is just setup along the train rail.

Nice Village and Nature scenery you can enjoy during the Circular Train ride. 

Night Life in Myanmar is not really that fantastic. You can't really find much pubs and bars around. I found a little beer garden  nearby Ocean Pearl Inn Hotel; had some snacks and local beer with some travellers I met there. But you can't hang out too long as they closed at 11p.m. Anyway I always tell myself, it is better than nothing at all. :P
Night Hang Out in Yangon. Myanmar beer - I love it!

My next destination after Yangon -> Bagan. Bought the night bus ticket and time to suffer for a 10 hours bus ride. Bagan here I come!! :)

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