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Chiang Mai - March 2012 : Day 02

Woke up late as we were so exhausted on the first day. Anyway that day we wanted to make it a more relaxing one.

It was a Saturday, we know at night we might be walking a lot as there will be a Saturday Night Market at Wui Lai Road, we planned to take the Mae Ping River Cruise and took our bike and tour around the city checking out the surroundings before heading to the night market.

As usual we need our breakfast so we took our bike and start hunting for breakfast.
The surroundings near All in 1 Guest House
Our rented bike
It was 10am and we found our breakfast in one of the stall, couldn't recall the street name.They only serve noodles and some drinks but the food is really great and cheap too!

The Noodle Stall we had our breakfast

Pork Ball + Pork ribs noddle soup. 35THB

Beef ball + stewed beef noodle soup. Yummy!! Only 35THB
When we were just about to finish our breakfast. we saw a lady pushing a cart across the street. We we curious what is she selling and checked it out. She is selling local home made coconut ice cream. It looks interesting and we decided to buy each person a cup. This ice cream slightly different with what the usualy ice cream we eat. It contains coconut ice cream, peanuts, glutinous rice and syrup as topping.

Yummy home made coconut ice cream for only 20THB per cup
Our first destination of the day is to Wat Mongkol by the Ping River. The main thing is not visiting the temple but Mae Ping River Cruise is actually located at the Jetty near Wat Mongkol. We signed up for the 2 hour river cruise cost 450THB per pax. The guide told us the journey will start 30 minutes later. So we spend our time walk around Wat Mongkol checking out the surroundings.
Entrace to Wat Mongkol
Mae Ping River Cruise

Mae Ping River Cruise office

There is this Chinese temple opposite Wat Mongkol, we saw the locals gave their donation and they get to write their blessing on the roof plank. These roof plank will be used to build the new temple. I am chinese but i never know there are such way of getting blessing. :P

The Locals donate and get to write their blessing on the roof plank which will be used to build the new temple

The Chinese Temple just opposite Wat Mongkol

When the time is up, we went back to the jetty and begin our river cruise along Ping River. This is more like a sight seeing cruise and you get to visit a farm garden and enjoy some tropical fruits and tea there.

Mae Ping River Cruise Begin

Mae Ping River Cruise and there guy with a victory sign is our tour guide for this river cruise.

What you will see along the Ping River

You will get to visit the Farm Garden where you will see different vegetables grown here and you will see 2 big fat wild boar there as well.
Some of the things you get to see and enjoy at the Farm Garden- Mae Ping River Cruise
We hang around the place for about an hour and back to the Wat Mongkol jetty. The entire Cruise took us about 3 to 4 hours time. It was quite a relax one but the river cruise can be a bit boring and in fact we felt asleep on the way return back to the jetty. After the cruise, we just took a bike ride and explore the area near by. 

There is a Saturday Night market at Wui Lai Road, there will be our dinner hunting place.:) 
It just took us about less than 10 mins bike ride from our guest house. Once we arrived , i have alreadt aiming some food stall as their food really look interesting and delicious. We bought some food and checking out the stuff at the night market. 

Saturday Night Market, Chiang Mai

Food we bought at the Saturday Night Market
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